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Who is Jacob?

Jacob Andreae is an extrovert-by-day, introvert-by-night, from Darwin, Australia.

He has spent the best part of the past decade teaching busy people how to make exercise a habit using his unique and caring approach to health & fitness. 

In June 2018, he made a massive shift to go 100% full-time into the health, fitness and wellness industry, and that focus paid off! 

In April 2019, Jacob signed a contract for his first-ever studio and now runs fitness classes from the Gardens Tennis Centre on the famous Mindil Beach.

Jacob also delivers seminars and keynote addresses. He is a regular on radio as a fitness commentator, and guest on several highly-rated health and wellness podcasts such as Ready. Aim. Empire! with Lise Kuecker and What the Focaccia? with Adam Martin.  

When Jacob isn't working, he can be found at a local cafe, traveling with his children, or out for a run.

His goal for each day is simple: Make as many people as possible feel good! 

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Some Kind Words From our Community...

"What I love about our small fitness group is that we all get on so well. Jacob deserves a lot of credit for that. I do not have a heap of friends but I feel like I can call the people in our group friends. An average teacher tells, a fair teacher shows, a good teacher explains but a great teacher inspires. Jacob is a great teacher. "

Leigh Lockley
Member since 2017

"Jacob’s classes are ideal for people looking for a tailored program in a friendly setting. Jacob will let you know how you can further challenge yourself, or how to reduce the level of activity if needed, with exercises particular to your individual needs. Jacob caters for all levels of fitness within each session. The small group sizes and flexibility within each session allows for a personalised experience. "

Kristy Styles
Member since 2017

"I hate gyms. This is so fantastic. Jacob is extremely professional and a great motivator. His sessions are a wonderful balance of exercise, stretching and strength, thank you!"

Lina Paselli-Krusee
Member since 2018

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