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How to Reverse Your Ageing According to David Sinclair

By Jacob Andreae

Most people say they would feel content to live anywhere from 80-120 years of age. However, it’s living healthy and disease-free that most people desire rather than number of years. Diet and exercise have shown to play a small part in slowing down ageing, but it’s what this does to the body that makes all the difference; and now, science is starting to find new ways.


David Sinclair is an Australian biologist and professor of genetics. He is famous for his research on ageing and longevity, and author of “Lifespan: Why We Age — and Why We Don’t Have To”. He is one of the professionals who looks like a product of his research. He is about 50 years old but looks about 25. He must practice what he preaches. 


If you haven’t already heard; my plan is to live to 200, so it’s know wonder I was put onto this guy. Currently, the average lifespan of an Australian is 82.5 years. It’s said that the first...

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Lessons from the 21-Day Push Up Challenge

By Jacob Andreae

The 21-day push up challenge is an Australian initiative. There is a strong correlation between exercise and mental health, which drives their motto, ‘Push for Better’. You have the option to fundraise for Headspace and you’ll learn about mental wellness with daily and practical tips. The total number of push ups each day represents a mental health statistic in Australia. 


The total number of push ups done is 3046, which represents the total number of lives lost in Australia due to mental health issues in 2018. You have the option to complete this number as a team; 4 is recommended if doing it as a team. Our team of 4 consisted of the 4 PE teachers at the school I work at, Darwin High, and we decided to do all 3046 push ups each. 


There's always a "messy middle"

The fact that this challenge encourages you to exercise on a regular basis, forming great routines, and in a way that aligns with what behaviour change experts...

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Heal Yourself While You Sleep Through Lucid Dreaming

By Jacob Andreae

Lucid dreaming is a state in which you are asleep and dreaming, but aware, and can control your dreams. Sounds pretty cool, right?! Apart from being cool, it could be used to heal yourself, and it might be easier than you think.


As soon as I read about this, I was excited, but a little apprehensive and scared. It’s pretty freaky to be mucking around with your mind in altered states of consciousness. But the child-like scientist in me wanted to know more and learn how. Let’s hope curiosity doesn’t kill the cat in this case.


Learning how to control your dreams brings a sense of power and control to your waking life.


Lucid dreaming is a state between REM sleep. As your brain waves slow as you drift off to sleep, there are five phases to sleep. The first phase is stage one and is the “nodding off” stage. The second phase is stage two and is the “light sleep” stage. The third and fourth phases are stage...

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How a Positive Mind Really Can Create a Healthier Body

By Jacob Andreae

What you think about — everything from the food you eat to the stress you experience — directly influences how your body responds. Even doing all the right things for your health may be undermined by simply thinking negatively about them. Positive thinking is a key component of optimism, and the good news is, optimism can be learned, practiced and bettered.


Many years ago, I was suggested to read a book by one of my cousins who is a psychologist, which I truly believe changed my life. The book was called Learned Optimism and was written by Dr Martin E. P. Seligman. The book explains how optimism can be learned and how you can use the three P’s do so. The 3 P’s are: Permanent, Pervasive and Positive. Learning to be more optimistic is habit change, and it needs to be practiced so.


Mindset underpins everything.

Positive thinking isn’t about burying your head in the sand and ignoring all of life’s challenges and...

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A Brief History of the Brain

By Jacob Andreae

Around 200,000 years ago, our brains stopped growing, and about 10,000 years ago, they actually began to shrink. The human brain is the most powerful “computer” on the planet. And it has modest beginnings. 

Where did it all begin?


The story begins in the oceans, long before animals even existed. Single-celled organisms didn’t have brains. But they did have advanced ways of communicating. They sensed and responded to their environment by releasing chemicals (which is slow) or shooting an electrical impulse across their body. 


From the single-celled choanoflagelletes that gave rise to animals 850 million years ago, the brain is now a 100 billion-celled organ. 

How did it all begin?


Choanoflagellates are single-celled organisms thought to give rise to animals. The nerve cells of ancient animals evolved long extensions known as axons. This enabled messages to be sent much more quickly as the chemical messengers...

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Why Supplements Don’t Work

By Jacob Andreae

The dietary supplement industry is a billion dollar industry. Supplements can provide you with a sense of security against a less-than-perfect diet, and make you feel like you are giving your body all that it needs. But the truth is, this reductionist approach to food doesn’t work because food is complex. 


I get asked to sell supplements all the time! It gets annoying to say no all the time, but empowering; because I know I’m choosing decisions based on my beliefs. And my beliefs are backed by science. If the science was to say it’s beneficial and we should all be supplementing, I’d recommend it, but it doesn’t. Supplements don’t work for most people for a variety of reasons. 


It’s not what we eat, it’s how we eat. 


Food is much more than the nutrients it contains. When science began to identify and recognise the importance of the nutrients in the our food, the reductionist...

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Pea Milk: The Pros and Cons of the New Milk on the Street

health nutrition May 04, 2020
By Jacob Andreae

There is currently so many milk alternatives on the market. Soy, almond, cashew, macadamia, oat, rice, coconut, flax, hemp, and of course, the O.G… cow! There’s even such as thing as spider milk. It’s not on the market and you can’t buy it, but it is a thing. But what has just hit the market in the last couple of years is… PEA MILK! 


Pea milk is a fantastic addition to the many milk alternatives. It’s vegan, nut free, soy free, lactose free and glucose free. These are some of the limitations of the other milk alternatives. It’s also better for the environment than other milk and has more protein and calcium than other alternatives. 


Pea milk has a lower water and carbon footprint than cow’s milk and other milk alternatives such as rice and almond milk. 


Pea milk is made by harvesting yellow peas and milling them into flour. The flour is then processed, separating the pea protein...

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The Surprising Benefits of Nose Breathing

health Apr 27, 2020
By Jacob Andreae

The health benefits of nose breathing are vast; from absorbing more oxygen to altering your state of consciousness, nose breathing seems to be a forgotten fundamental component of health in our evolution of humankind. Here’s how to breathe your way to better health.


I’ve always been a mouth breather, believing that I simply couldn’t breathe through my nose properly. But recently, I came across a free online sleep course by Dr Mark Hyman. In that course, I was introduced to nose breathing, so I tried it. It turns out I just wasn’t practiced at breathing through my nose, and chances are, neither are you.


The sinuses in your nasal cavity help to kill bacteria and viruses.


Your nose is full of tiny hairs and mucous designed to trap dust and other foreign bodies from entering. It is the body’s first defence against foreign invaders.


Beyond the nose is the nasal cavity—a surprisingly large space about...

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The You Delusion: Why Your Sense of Self is Just a Trick of the Mind

By Jacob Andreae

Who are you? Really ponder that question. I bet you come up with your name. But who is that strange combination of letters, which are just sounds that come from the way you push air out of your mouth and manipulate your cheeks, tongue and lips?


Your brain makes sense of the world through interpreting your senses. Sensory information reaches your brain at different speeds, although this is happening so fast it appears to occur simultaneously. Sensory information travels along neural pathways and your brain then needs to process it. This takes time. What happens when an event occurs in less time than your system takes to process it?


"Perception does not equal reality."


It’s history! It’s already happened. We are constantly living in the past. There is a lag time between when something occurs and when we process it. So if conscious perception is not truly “live”, what is the brain doing when it processes events that...

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Mindset, Lockdown and Quarantine in China

By Loris Bertolacci

I write this more to explain the stages of my emotions, how I perceived this situation and how I changed or evolved my coping strategies or even perceptions as it all evolved.


When the first information started coming out in China about COVID-19, I remember being really rattled. I had a flight booked for early February for holidays in Australia. It was mid January and the coach at the Kunming Altitude Training Centre told me we had cancelled our move from there to Guanzhou due to the virus. We were at a large institute in Kunming at an altitude of 1900m finishing a phase of training. My thoughts at first were to get the hell out of China ASAP. Things didn’t change too much for a week. When I was told the Institute would go into total lockdown on Monday 27th January I panicked because I knew then already I had to cancel my flight home in early February due to the massive uncertainty. I organised this with staff in Shanghai and I will never...

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