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5 Benefits of a 5-Day Challenge

Imagine if you could wave a magical wand and wallah, you were living the life you’ve always dreamed of. That’s what challenges allow you to do. Challenges have become incredibly popular; particularly in the health and fitness industry, and particularly in Australia.

Challenges speak to peoples desire to challenge themselves. But more than that, their specific timeframe allows people to feel like there’s light at the end of the tunnel. And when it comes to motivation, that is an incredibly important distinction that needs to be made.

"5-day challenges are an amazing way to kickstart any new habit."

Motivation is one characteristic that many people feel as though they lack. And motivation to repeat a given behaviour develops as you experience pleasure from an experience. But if you’re not experiencing pleasure, or worse, you’re experiencing pain, of course you’re going to feel unmotivated. Challenges give you a system to experience pleasure. And when those challenges are as short as 5 days, they give you that pleasure on an intense and rapid scale.

5 Benefits of a 5-Day Challenge

  1. Your goal is designed for you
    One of the biggest reasons I see people fail to achieve their goal, is they have no goal! 5-day challenges claim to produce a specific outcome so if you resonate with that outcome, your goal is already set.

  2. They meet a specific need or desire
    Any challenge is designed to target the pain points of a particular target market. You know immediately if that is you as soon as you read the name of the challenge.

  3. They give you a solid foundation
    Five days is not a lot of time. Unlike 30-day challenges, you must make the most from the limited time available. Because they are so short, they lend themselves to setting a really solid foundation that participants can build upon.

  4. You see immediate results
    If you’re doing a challenge, you want to instil some sort of behaviour change by the end. With 5-day challenges being so short, the challenge needs to be absolutely on point so that participants see results immediately! Quick results leads to quick motivation, which leads to quick momentum.

  5. They are manageable
    How quick did last week feel like it went? If you’re like most people, it probably felt like it flew. Imagine if last Monday, you started a 5-day challenge — where would you be today? 5-day challenges are so quick that they are easily manageable.

5-day challenges are an amazing way to kickstart any new habit. They are short, simple and definitely manageable, giving you a specific outcome to achieve any specific need or desire. I’ve run a few challenges in my time and my most valuable challenge has quickly become my 5-day one. It simply sets the foundation for participants to achieve incredible results in their life.

My 5-day challenge actually starts THIS Monday, September 24. Make Exercise a Habit in 5 Days! (without ever even doing any exercise). Sound interesting? Sign up here. It’s FREE! 

How to Make Exercise a Habit in 5 Days!

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