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How to Stay Fit in Quarantine

It’s 2020 and what a year it has been… well, months really. Some people may use the craziness of this time to not follow through with some of their new year’s resolutions. Let’s face it, binge-watching your new favourite TV show while eating chips isn’t exactly in line with new year; new me mentality. Sometimes simple things can help keep your goals moving… no pun intended.


My point of view: I’m dedicated to completing my New Year’s fitness resolution (even while self-quarantined). To complete my goal, it is important to use all the necessary tools at hand! By hand, I mean wrist, and by wrist, I mean a fitness tracker! I’ve seen my fair share of those, especially during my summers working at a weight loss camp. They always seemed like they were too basic, think steps and nothing else. So, I did some research into the industry to see if this was all that existed - it turns out there’s a bunch! The one I have now gives me a detailed insight into how my body is performing during a workout. It’s like my fitness tracker is my accountability buddy on this journey. Also, ‘Data is Key’!


P.S. If you don’t know where to start looking for one, researched the industry and leading brands to give you the best fitness trackers yet!


Now, I want to share with you some ways you can stay true to your fitness goals this 2020, or as historians will call it: The Year of the (Not So) Great Quarantine. These are things that I’m currently doing to keep active.


How to Stay Fit in Quarantine 


  1. Wake up and wear your gym clothes. I find that wearing my gym clothes as soon as I wake up forces me to work out during the day. I don’t want to let the outfit go to waste!

  2. Stay hydrated throughout the day. I’ve been drinking at least +64 oz of water per day. This helps me stay hydrated and full. Even if I have to go to the bathroom a lot it helps me not stay sitting down all day. Which I could do… I can definitely stay all day on the couch.

  3. Set up a gym corner. Designing a spot in your home to workout or meditate can be extremely beneficial to your mindset. Add some plants around them or even a vision board for your fitness. Trust me, you are inside and have plenty of time to do all of this, so make the best of it!

  4. Set up a time to meditate together or to do a quick dance cardio routine. That way you won’t feel lonely while working out and you are all motivating each other! #WeAreAllInThisTogether

  5. Try a healthy version of ‘Quarantine Chopped’ (the TV show starring you!). Gather healthy ingredients and see what happens! Push yourself to try new foods that are an efficient source of fuel. I play this game (even before quarantine) where I take three ingredients and challenge myself to create a unique dish. I’ll be honest, not always great, but it pushes me to get better at cooking while sticking to my goals. Look at that compound self-growth!


I am in no mean a fitness expert, I am only trying to make lemons into a skinny margarita one quarantine day at a time! Please make sure you are staying safe and healthy during this hard time. Follow sites like to keep your fitness goals going even when you are at home.


With all this time, are you going to make the most of it?


Leave your answer to that question in the comments section below.


Photo by GMB Monkey on Unsplash


About Estefania Guzman

About Estefania Guzman

Estefania Guzman lives in Puerto Rico and currently works as a community outreach member for Ad Practitioners. Her field of study is Human Resources, Marketing and Business Communications. She loves Disney, Wine and Salt and Vinegar Chips.

You can connect with Estefania on LinkedIn here.

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