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Easy! 5 Steps to Get a Flat Tummy

If you’ve ever struggled with trying to get a flat tummy; or you’ve ever thought a flat tummy just isn’t possible for you — maybe because you’ve blamed your genes, child-birth or a cesarian, then I have some really good news for you!

"There isn’t just one strategy that will help you achieve weight loss and a flat tummy. All five are important."

I’ve been helping people get flat tummies for years. While my experience has spanned the world of athletic performance and injury rehab, one of the most common desires I hear, and take great pleasure in helping people achieve, is a flat tummy. My own partner, Holly, is one of them. After four children in five years together, and five cesarians by 32 - yes, 5   (ask me more in the comments) - I’m working with her because she wants to get her flat tummy back.

Sure, scars make a difference.  It makes it hard to achieve a flat stomach when you’ve got a scar that folds the...

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Why People Lose Weight but Put it Back on Again

Have you ever had enough of feeling fat, unattractive, tired and miserable? I have! Picture this… You’ve finally had enough. You reach that critical pain point. That point where there’s enough pain to drive behaviour. So you get all motivated to go out and buy new runners, exercise clothes, and maybe even equipment. Sound familiar?

I’ve been here plenty of times. I was a chubby kid. And just before I turned 14, I went on this health kick. I left grade 8 a chubby little boy and returned a completely new person. Not only did I look like a different person, mentally and emotionally I was a different person. That 6-week Christmas school holidays changed the course of my life forever.

"...regardless of what your goal is, there is a journey you must take to realise that version of yourself. Your goal might be a stepping stone ten days, ten weeks, or even ten months into the future of that journey."

While I’ve never gone back to being clinically...

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The Paleo Diet: Is it still the Best thing since Sliced Bread?

The first thing any true Paleo follower will say is, “it’s not a diet… it’s a lifestyle”. And fair enough. For many people, Paleo is much more than the food you eat. It is the lifestyle you live. Many true Paleo-ers will grow their own organic fruits and vegetables, have their own free-range chickens to provide them with fresh homegrown eggs, and often workout in a Paleo kind-of-way.

I started eating Paleo a few years ago. I came across the lifestyle following chef Pete Evans online. And I have to admit, I do like him. I know he cops a bit of criticism and is maligned for some of his ideas but for the most part, I agree with his principles. Back then, the real buy-in began when I came across an article, which detailed the meeting ironman Ali Day had with strength and conditioning coach, Keegan Smith. That meeting took Ali from “down and out and sleeping for days” to 2014 Ironman Champion. That win marked the first time one of the Eckstein...

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The Different Types of Intermittent Fasting

diet fasting health nutrition Feb 12, 2018

I always thought intermittent fasting was just another nutrition gimmick hitting the health and fitness industry. I was wrong.

I’ve been intermittent fasting since I picked up a book from a friend of mine, Adam Martin. The book is called Start Late Stay Light and gives a description of how and why Adam got into intermittent fasting, along with its benefits. After reading the book and listening to some of the interviews on his podcast, “How the Focaccia”, I decided to give intermittent fasting a try.

I never tried intermittent fasting for weight loss, but for that purpose, it’s also very beneficial. I tried intermittent fasting for the health benefits that I was continually reading and learning about. Some of those benefits were increased growth hormone, the removal of waste products, cellular repair processes and the association with extreme life longevity — living to well beyond 100, which trends predict will be possible within our lifetime.

Once I...

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The Blood Type Diet

diet health nutrition Feb 12, 2018

Are we designed to eat certain foods based on our blood type? Could eating food based on your blood type actually help you to reduce your body fat percentage? Peter J. D’Adamo believes so. He’s the naturopath who created the diet — the Blood Type Diet.

My partner, Holly, and I, along with all our kids, primarily eat the same foods, just like any normal family. But a growing field in nutritional genomics (nutrigenomics) is challenging that simple approach to feeding our (and your) family. The latest scientific research suggests that the intricate interplay between DNA and diet may have a powerful influence on why I can’t eat the pasta we all love, and why one of our sons, Jax, will sniff sugar out like a bloodhound.

The Blood Type Diet evolved out of scientific studies into genetics. The terms, “food is medicine” and “food is information” are becoming popularised by people like celebrity chef, Pete Evans, and functional medicine doctor,...

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Christmas is Done. What Now for Your Health Habits?

So Christmas is all done and dusted for yet another year. But you fell off track and enjoyed yourself just a little too much. And now you’re not only feeling bloated and 2kgs heavier, but you’re also feeling disappointed and angry with yourself for giving in to all that yummy temptation.

If you’ve been following my blogs for a while you’ll have picked up on the theme that I believe it’s important to make small changes to your health routines rather than big ones, and to let yourself enjoy less healthy foods as part of your lifestyle on a small but regular basis.

Let me tell you. I ate more. I drank more. And I loved every minute of it!

Christmas is a time when on average, Australians put on 2kgs. I’ve heard other fitness professionals speak about this like it’s the worst thing. And all I believe that does is discourage people and make them feel like a failure.

Let me tell you. I ate more. I drank more. And I loved every minute of it! But I...

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Is it Okay to Have a Cheat Day?

health lifestyle nutrition Dec 21, 2017

Here’s my simple one-word answer to that question… No. And here’s why.

If you’re asking if you can have a cheat day, it means you’re not eating in a way that you thoroughly enjoy. Chances are, you’re trying really hard to eat healthy, move more, and better yourself for some purpose. That purpose is probably to lose weight. And all that takes discipline. And that discipline is hard work. But while it might be manageable during the week, it’s not so easy to maintain on the weekend. So you probably just want permission to relax for a day. You probably want permission to ‘reward’ yourself for all your hard work throughout the week. You want permission to have a cheat day. Here’s something better. 

I’ll let you in on a little secret. I cheat every day. Every. Single. Day. Trying hard to eat ‘healthy’ all day every day, when you’re not used to it, is hard work. Heck, eating healthy when you are used...

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