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Getting over those Excuses is the First Hurdle to Achieving Your Fitness Goals

By RhysWorks

Pioneering humanitarian Florence Nightingale once said, “I attribute my success to this: I never gave or took an excuse.” This statement, no less true today than it was in the 19th century, should remind everyone that if you want to succeed, excuses have no rational basis. Sure, we all make them, especially when it comes to working out. Although deep down we all know we’re supposed to exercise, it’s always easier to come up with a reason not to do it.

Why are there always seemingly insurmountable obstacles that keep getting in the way of our fitness goals? It’s true that for many people, life often gets in the way; work, eating, social commitments that we’d rather do, and other activities always take precedence. But the fact is that what most people just need is a paradigm shift in their thinking. What you think of as hindrances, you can turn into advantages. We tend to make excuses because most of the time we just don’t want to...

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Chocolate Hazelnut Bowl — start your day sweet and healthy!

This week I’m giving you a recipe from Mind Your Body. Despite what the name might suggest, the Chocolate Hazelnut Bowl recipe is full of super healthy ingredients — good for you in more than one way!

Of the 130+ recipes in the Mind Your Body academy, this is one of my favourites. It is super quick to make, really tasty, and best of all, very healthy! And some of the ingredients are considered superfoods, which means they contain high levels of much-needed vitamins and minerals, as well as antioxidants.

"Smoothie bowls can be quick and easy ways to get valuable nutrients into your body."

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The Chocolate Hazelnut Bowl Superfoods

  • Cacao [kuh-kah-oh]
    Cacao is a healthy choice when you want a chocolatey taste as it contains less than 15 calories (63 kilojoules) per tablespoon. It is also known to help lower blood pressure and improve blood flow to the heart and brain through the flavonoids it contains. Look for the...
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Easy! 5 Steps to Get a Flat Tummy

If you’ve ever struggled with trying to get a flat tummy; or you’ve ever thought a flat tummy just isn’t possible for you — maybe because you’ve blamed your genes, child-birth or a cesarian, then I have some really good news for you!

"There isn’t just one strategy that will help you achieve weight loss and a flat tummy. All five are important."

I’ve been helping people get flat tummies for years. While my experience has spanned the world of athletic performance and injury rehab, one of the most common desires I hear, and take great pleasure in helping people achieve, is a flat tummy. My own partner, Holly, is one of them. After four children in five years together, and five cesarians by 32 - yes, 5   (ask me more in the comments) - I’m working with her because she wants to get her flat tummy back.

Sure, scars make a difference.  It makes it hard to achieve a flat stomach when you’ve got a scar that folds the...

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Why You Don't Have Time to Exercise

This isn’t an article to make you feel bad for not exercising. That just isn’t my thing. This is an article explaining why you might have found it hard in the past to find time to exercise. And it may just uncover some deep-seated habits that have held influence over other, possibly least expected, areas of your life too.

"Regardless of how rich and successful, everyone has the same 24 hours in a day."

I look at those people like Richard Branson and Tony Robbins and I think, “How do they do it? How do they find time for everything in their life?” It’s not like they have any more hours in their day to me. Well maybe Tony does. He seems to be super-human. But how do they fit business, family, friends, functions, events and even philanthropic work into their busy day, and still have time to look after their health?

Of course they outsource. You simply couldn’t do what they do without outsourcing. They have massive companies comprising thousands of...

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Why People Lose Weight but Put it Back on Again

Have you ever had enough of feeling fat, unattractive, tired and miserable? I have! Picture this… You’ve finally had enough. You reach that critical pain point. That point where there’s enough pain to drive behaviour. So you get all motivated to go out and buy new runners, exercise clothes, and maybe even equipment. Sound familiar?

I’ve been here plenty of times. I was a chubby kid. And just before I turned 14, I went on this health kick. I left grade 8 a chubby little boy and returned a completely new person. Not only did I look like a different person, mentally and emotionally I was a different person. That 6-week Christmas school holidays changed the course of my life forever.

"...regardless of what your goal is, there is a journey you must take to realise that version of yourself. Your goal might be a stepping stone ten days, ten weeks, or even ten months into the future of that journey."

While I’ve never gone back to being clinically...

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How to Develop Motivation

Developing motivation can be a tricky and complex process… if you don’t know how to do it. And like I always say, everything comes down to having a series of frameworks that operate within a system. With an effective system, it’s actually really easy.

I’ve spent years researching, putting into practice, tweaking, modifying and implementing strategies to develop motivation. Some of that has cost a lot of money and most of it has cost a lot of time. But I’m obsessed. It’s one of the areas of psychology that intrigues me the most. One of my favourite classes in my psychology course at university was titled, “Learning and Motivation”.

Combining my love of fitness and psychology has been very well received. There’s so much demand for the knowledge and experience I’ve accumulated. The three characteristics I hear people say they struggle with the most are:

  • Commitment
  • Discipline
  • Motivation

That’s fair enough. Those three...

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What is Functional Training?

The term “functional training” has become quite a buzzword in the fitness industry. And as a result, it can be open to a wide range of interpretation. The true meaning of functional training is to perform exercises that lead an individual to perform the activities of everyday life more easily. In my interpretation, it is to practice fundamental movements and become proficient at them.

I believe I’m a very humble and modest guy. But I’m going to put my modesty aside for a moment and say, “When it comes to human movement, I know my $h!+”. Seriously, I know how to break down movement. You just need a system. And from my time at the institute of sport, I created a system. I created a list of regressions and progressions for each of the six fundamental human movements. And in total, there were over 250 exercises — about 50 exercises for each basic movement pattern.

I’ve just introduced two words — functional and fundamental, but they...

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The Ketogenic Diet: How and Why does it Work?

To say this diet has taken the health and fitness industry by storm is an understatement. There have been many diets that have been promoted as the best diet EVER over my fifteen years in the industry — Mediterranean and Paleo come to mind, but I don’t think any of them have had as much pervasiveness through the industry as this one.

Although its mainstream popularity has only recently taken off, the Ketogenic Diet has actually been around clinically for many years, specifically in the treatment of epilepsy, to help reduce seizures. The key to the Ketogenic Diet is to keep your carbohydrates low, very low. Your total carbohydrate intake needs to range from 5-20% while your total fat intake needs to be up around 75%. While this goes against traditional eating guidelines, the evidence suggests that this is actually really good for you, increasing fat loss and reducing inflammation in the body.

Ketosis is a normal bodily process that occurs everyday, regardless of how many...

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The Paleo Diet: Is it still the Best thing since Sliced Bread?

The first thing any true Paleo follower will say is, “it’s not a diet… it’s a lifestyle”. And fair enough. For many people, Paleo is much more than the food you eat. It is the lifestyle you live. Many true Paleo-ers will grow their own organic fruits and vegetables, have their own free-range chickens to provide them with fresh homegrown eggs, and often workout in a Paleo kind-of-way.

I started eating Paleo a few years ago. I came across the lifestyle following chef Pete Evans online. And I have to admit, I do like him. I know he cops a bit of criticism and is maligned for some of his ideas but for the most part, I agree with his principles. Back then, the real buy-in began when I came across an article, which detailed the meeting ironman Ali Day had with strength and conditioning coach, Keegan Smith. That meeting took Ali from “down and out and sleeping for days” to 2014 Ironman Champion. That win marked the first time one of the Eckstein...

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The Mediterranean Diet: How Does it Work?

Uncategorized Feb 26, 2018



The Mediterranean diet is probably the world’s most famous and healthy diet. Research shows over and over again that the Mediterranean diet is good for you. Full of fresh fruits, vegetables, poultry, fish, whole grains, legumes, and olive oil, the Mediterranean diet even allows you to drink a couple of glasses of wine. How good is that!

I was sold on the Mediterranean diet as soon as I came across it about fifteen years ago. It sounded nice, the food looked appealing, and it was backed by heaps of research showing that it is in fact, very good for you. But just because it recommends all these yummy foods and wine, does that mean you should consume them, if you don’t already.

The Mediterranean diet has been shown to improve weight loss, better control your blood sugar levels, and reduce your risk for depression, heart disease, stroke and Alzheimer’s disease, as well as reduce levels of inflammation in the body.

 Inflammation occurs in response to...

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