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Lessons from the 21-Day Push Up Challenge

By Jacob Andreae

The 21-day push up challenge is an Australian initiative. There is a strong correlation between exercise and mental health, which drives their motto, ‘Push for Better’. You have the option to fundraise for Headspace and you’ll learn about mental wellness with daily and practical tips. The total number of push ups each day represents a mental health statistic in Australia. 


The total number of push ups done is 3046, which represents the total number of lives lost in Australia due to mental health issues in 2018. You have the option to complete this number as a team; 4 is recommended if doing it as a team. Our team of 4 consisted of the 4 PE teachers at the school I work at, Darwin High, and we decided to do all 3046 push ups each. 


There's always a "messy middle"

The fact that this challenge encourages you to exercise on a regular basis, forming great routines, and in a way that aligns with what behaviour change experts...

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My Podcast Interview with Lise Kuecker!

Recently, I was interviewed by a good friend of mine, Lise Kuecker, for her podcast -- Ready. Aim. Empire! 

The episode just went up on her website and I couldn't wait to share it with you! 

Listen Here: 


I met Lise and her husband, Dan, while attending a workshop in Laguna Beach, California. Being so far from home and on my own, they took me under their wing and looked after me. And since then, Lise has been instrumental in my growth as a health and fitness professional. 

In this episode, you'll hear us catch up like old mates and share stories of the past few years. 

In this episode, you'll also learn:

  • How I got started on my journey in fitness and business, my transition out of a teaching career, and why it’s never too late to pursue a different passion
  • How and why I now use goal-based challenges to get results 
  • What I've learned...
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5 Benefits of a 5-Day Challenge

Imagine if you could wave a magical wand and wallah, you were living the life you’ve always dreamed of. That’s what challenges allow you to do. Challenges have become incredibly popular; particularly in the health and fitness industry, and particularly in Australia.

Challenges speak to peoples desire to challenge themselves. But more than that, their specific timeframe allows people to feel like there’s light at the end of the tunnel. And when it comes to motivation, that is an incredibly important distinction that needs to be made.

"5-day challenges are an amazing way to kickstart any new habit."

Motivation is one characteristic that many people feel as though they lack. And motivation to repeat a given behaviour develops as you experience pleasure from an experience. But if you’re not experiencing pleasure, or worse, you’re experiencing pain, of course you’re going to feel unmotivated. Challenges give you a system to experience pleasure. And...

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