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5 Ways to Make Sure Your Partner is Not Sabotaging You

We all know they mean well. They encourage you from the sidelines; proud of you for what you’re doing and what you’ve achieved so far. They may be sitting on the couch eating donuts and watching Netflix, but that’s okay; this is for you. And maybe your changes will lead to a desire in them to make some positive changes too.

I’ve seen it all too often. The person who finally, after years of physical and emotional pain, finally decides to do something about it and starts a new health kick — overhauling their diet and training every day. But then that loving partner, starting to miss “the good ol’ days”, but still wanting to look out for you, starts offering you one of those donuts, insists they’re not that bad for you in moderation, and in fact they’re good for you, or questions why you’re listening to all these strangers. What do you do? You haven’t felt this good about yourself for years.

"Often when you finally...
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How to Get Motivated for Exercise

We all know we should be exercising. But for many people, finding the motivation to exercise, and the ongoing motivation to make it a habit, is extremely difficult.

For a while now I’ve been paying attention to what the people who are successful do in their pursuit of health, and what the people who aren’t successful don’t do. And there is one major distinction.

That distinction is in how they start their journey. The ones who get off to a good start are far, far more likely to not only be successful, but to integrate exercise into their life long-term.

How to Get Motivated to Exercise

  1. Get enough pain. 
    We all move towards pleasure and away from pain. However, we will do much more to avoid pain than to gain pleasure. Therefore, most people start a new fitness regime when they’ve finally had enough of where they’re at, and motivated to do something about it.
  2. Do more of what you already do. 
    We all do something...
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How to Develop Motivation

Developing motivation can be a tricky and complex process… if you don’t know how to do it. And like I always say, everything comes down to having a series of frameworks that operate within a system. With an effective system, it’s actually really easy.

I’ve spent years researching, putting into practice, tweaking, modifying and implementing strategies to develop motivation. Some of that has cost a lot of money and most of it has cost a lot of time. But I’m obsessed. It’s one of the areas of psychology that intrigues me the most. One of my favourite classes in my psychology course at university was titled, “Learning and Motivation”.

Combining my love of fitness and psychology has been very well received. There’s so much demand for the knowledge and experience I’ve accumulated. The three characteristics I hear people say they struggle with the most are:

  • Commitment
  • Discipline
  • Motivation

That’s fair enough. Those three...

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Exercise Ideas for Different Types of Weather

Probably the biggest aversion to outdoor exercise is the weather. Sure, you could just go join a gym — have a controlled temperature, with a controlled level of humidity, and be completely dry (well except for the sweat) every session, every day. But when there are so many additional health benefits to outdoor exercise, who wants to make every session a gym session?

I exercise outside all the time. I love outdoor exercise. While working out in a gym might provide a bit more comfort, particularly when the weather outside isn’t ideal, breathing fresh air while you’re exercising is much better for you than recycled, conditioned air, especially if you work in an office all day. Research is beginning to support all kinds of benefits to outdoor exercise, even in as little as just 5 minutes.

Studies are beginning to show that outdoor exercise can boost your self-esteem and mood. One study from the University of Essex in 2010, showed that this can occur from just 5 minutes...

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​Exercising for Beginners: How to Get Motivated and Where to Start

Starting exercise can be daunting. You’ve finally had enough of not feeling good about yourself, all your friends are starting, or maybe they’re not into health the way you want to be and you’re nervous of what they might think?  Maybe you’re scared about how much it might to hurt and how much pain your PT might put you through?

I have people come to me all the time who either haven’t exercised in ages or at all. I want to put my arm around them and tell them it’ll all be okay. But that wouldn’t do much to ease their anxiety. It’d be good to create a video of them in ten weeks and show them what they look like, how they’re feeling and what they think of the training they’ve done with me. But that’s not possible…yet. If they’re joining one of my groups, the best I can do is to get them to come along and meet the other members. But even that’s nerve-wracking.

The simple fact is, you just...

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