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Why Supplements Don’t Work

By Jacob Andreae

The dietary supplement industry is a billion dollar industry. Supplements can provide you with a sense of security against a less-than-perfect diet, and make you feel like you are giving your body all that it needs. But the truth is, this reductionist approach to food doesn’t work because food is complex. 


I get asked to sell supplements all the time! It gets annoying to say no all the time, but empowering; because I know I’m choosing decisions based on my beliefs. And my beliefs are backed by science. If the science was to say it’s beneficial and we should all be supplementing, I’d recommend it, but it doesn’t. Supplements don’t work for most people for a variety of reasons. 


It’s not what we eat, it’s how we eat. 


Food is much more than the nutrients it contains. When science began to identify and recognise the importance of the nutrients in the our food, the reductionist...

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