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Do you struggle to Stay on Track with your health and fitness goals?

Would you find it easier if you had more Commitment, Discipline and Motivation?

Would you like to have MORE ENERGY, MORE CONFIDENCE and FEEL BETTER about yourself?

Join us for our next 10in10 Challenge to Lose 10KGS in 10 Weeks!

What's in the Program?


  • 30x Fun HIT workouts
  • 10x Strength-Building Workouts
  • 10x Tummy-Tightening Core Workouts
  • 10x Enjoyable Cardio Workouts
  • 50x Time-Saving 10-min Blast Workouts


  • Pictures to help you learn new exercises
  • Videos to ensure you're doing every exercise correctly, and at the appropriate level for you
  • Beginner, intermediate and advanced exercise and workout options


  • 10x Omelette Recipes
  • 10x Salad Recipes (+ a special salad creation formula)
  • 10x Frittata Recipes
  • 10x Smoothie Bowl Recipes
  • 10x Smoothie Recipes
  • 10x Pancake Recipes
  • 10x Breakfast Alternative Recipes
  • 70x Dinner Recipes


  • Weekly Shopping Lists 
  • Weekly Eating Plans
  • Weekly Food Diary


  • Educational videos 
  • Live Q&A's


  • Access to our Members Only Private & Exclusive Facebook Community 
  • Ongoing Email Support
  • Weekly Phone Support and Personalised Coaching (VIP Only)

What People Are Saying:

“I really like that you’ve got the varying levels of workout available. If people want to push themselves they can, or fresh people who don’t want to get daunted by tough looking workouts have an option too. The demonstrations of the exercises at the end are a great idea. Having just started up training with a netball team, I can see that people have totally different ideas about what a particular term means. ”

Hannah C

“The Eating Plan has lots of choice and I especially like all the smoothie varieties. The main meals are easy to prepare with ingredients that are readily available. This plan is awesome and I really appreciate all the thought and time Jacob has taken to put it together.”

Bernadette R