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When I started university back in 2001, I dreamed of opening my own human performance centre and athletic brand.

My vision for the performance centre was a place where people could exercise in a tranquil and tropical environment, while providing the facilities to service high performance sporting teams such as the Richmond Tigers on pre-season camps.

I’d sourced athletic shoes from two companies in China and was ready to start importing. I’d even done my own shoe making course to learn how to make the shoes myself.

However, it all became so overwhelming and I put my vision on the back-burner while I completed my studies. As happens, I got a job when I finished my degree and learned to love the regular paycheque. But that burning desire never went away.

I started my own outdoor boot camp back in 2009 and have been in the fitness industry, one way or another, ever since.

JAND is the realisation of my vision so far. It’s not the massive health club (think The Houstonian in Texas) or performance centre (think Runaway Bay on the Gold Coast), but it is what it needs to be for right now — an amazing online fitness studio consisting of world-class trainers I've met along the way from all over the world, who come together to deliver classes in a range of modalities including Yoga and Pilates. 

Our story is still being written. So if you’ve enjoyed reading about the journey so far, I’d love for you to join us and become a part of it. You can become a part of the story by joining our virtual classes on a 2-week intro package.


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