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Hi, I'm Jacob.

I help busy people Stay on Track with their Health & Fitness Goals.

As a little kid, I wanted to know how things worked. I was most interested in life - how living things functioned.

As I became older, I became more interested in the human mind and body. I wanted to know how it all worked and how it could function at it's optimal.

My passion for the mind and body led me to study human movement, education and psychology. When I realised I wanted to be my own boss, I turned that passion into a blog and that blog into a lifestyle.

Now I consult, coach, teach and speak on how to achieve optimal performance of the mind and body.

I'm a running coach and movement specialist, known for my ability to break down movement and prescribe specific exercises appropriate to one's level of competence. Physical literacy is the same as written, read, heard and spoken literacy. You wouldn't expect a student to read a novel without first learning the alphabet. Movement is the same. 

I love teaching people how to run and move more efficiently and as a result, often get asked for advice on all components of fitness, nutrition and psychology.  

Fed up with searching for a system that really worked, I created my own -- a complete 10x human movement and mindset system. I've been using this system of 10x frameworks to help people to get on track, and stay on track, with their health & fitness goals. 

My Qualifications

  • Bachelor Sport & Exercise Science
  • Bachelor Teaching
  • Graduate Diploma Psychology
  • Certificate 3 & 4 Fitness

What I do

I help people achieve their Health & Fitness goals from a foundation in Psychology. 

I write a Fitness, Nutrition & Mindset blog, which you can subscribe to at

I make videos teaching people how to eat healthy and exercise right using YouTube, Facebook & Instagram. Find me @JacobTAndreae.

I regularly present on radio about the topics above. I was recently a regular on Mix 104.9's Balls 'n' All and ABC 105.7's Territory Grandstand. 

I spent the last 2 years coaching  at the Northern Territory Institute of Sport in coach education and consulting on a project titled, Move More Learn More. 

In 2017, I had my first experience lecturing where I was responsible for the entire health & physical education program of the teaching degree at Charles Darwin University.

Why I'm passionate about what I do

I believe fitness should be fun! 

But fitness is just one component of health and while health might be many things, one important aspect is nutrition. I believe in eating organic fruits and vegetables and meat that is treated humanely in life; for it is the cells of these plants and animals that will become us. 

I love being a part of one person's, a group's, or a whole team's journey towards success -- whatever that might mean to that person, group or team. 

There's few things more fulfilling to me than helping someone achieve their dreams. 

One of those few things however, is spending time with my family and travelling. When I can combine family, travel and helping people achieve their dreams through the power of the Internet, I'm completely in my element and life simply cannot get any better! 

If you ever want to reach me, please email [email protected]. I'd love to meet you! 😊


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